The Knollys Family



Sir Thomas Knollys Lord Mayor of London

Son of Thomas and Isabel Knollys was

Richard Knollys
born 1414 at Mimms, Hartfordshire
Margaret Doyley

Children of Richard Knollys and Margaret Doyley were

Margaret Knollys born 1432 died 7 October 1488

Robert Knollys
born 1435 at Mimms, Hartfordshire
Elizabeth Troutbeck

Son of Robert knollys and Elizabeth Troutbeck was

Robert Knollys
born 1481
died 1521
Lettice Catherine Pennystone

Son of Robert knollys and Lettice Catherine Pennystone was

Sir Francis Knollys Knight of the Garter
born 1514
died 19 July 1596
Catherine Carey
Catherine Carey was daughter of William Carey and Mary Boleyn
Mary Boleyn was sister of Anne Boleyn
Anne Boleyn was 2nd wife of King Henry VIII and mother of Queen Elizabeth I


  King Henry VIII         Queen Elizabeth I              Anne Boleyn                  Mary Boleyn                Catherine Carey

Children of Sir Francis Knollys and Catherine Carey were

Lettice Knollys, Countess of Essex and Leicester
born 8 November 1543
died 25 December 1634
1st married about 1560 to
Walter Davereux, Viscount Hereford and 1st Earl of Essex   
2nd marriage 21 September 1578 to
Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester
3rd marriage to
Sir Christopher Blount
born about 1556
died March 1601, Executed for High Treason
son of Walter Davereux and lettice Knollys was
Robert Davereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, Knight of the Garter
born 10 November 1556
died 25 February 1601, Executed for High Treason


   Lettice Knollys                  Robert Dudley            Sir Walter Davereux           Sir Robert Davereux

Henry Knollys
born 1541
died 21 December 1583 in Netherlands
married 1565 to
Margaret Cave, daughter and heiress of Sir Ambrose Cave

Henry Knollys and Margaret Cave had two daughters
Elizabeth Knollys married Sir Henry Willoughby of Risly, Derbyshire
Lettice Knollys died 15 August 1606, married William 4th. Lord Pagnet

Mary Knollys
born 1542

Edward Knollys
born 1546
died 1580

Sir William Knollys, Earl of Banbury
born 1547
died 25 May 1632

Maud Knollys
born 1548

Elizabeth Knollys
born 15 June 1549
died about 1605
married to
Thomas Layton
born 1535
died 1609


                                       Elizabeth Knollys
Robert Knollys
born 1550
died 1625

Richard Knollys
born 1552
died 1596
Joan Heigham of Sussex

Son of Richard Knollys and Joan Heigham was
Robert Knollys, died 1659, acquired Rotherfield Grays estate from his uncle William Earl of Banbury

Francis Knollys
born 1553
died 1646

Anne Knollys
born 1555
died 30 August 1608
married 19 November 1571 at Wherwell, Hampshire to
Thomas West, 2nd baron de la Warr
born 1556
died 24 March 1602

                                                 Anne Knollys
Sir Thomas Knollys
born 1558
died 1596
Governor of Ostend in 1586
distinguished himself in the warfare in the Low Countries
aiding Peregrine Bertie in the Siege of Bergen in 1588
married 1589 to
Odelia de Morada
born 1571
(daughter of John de Morada, Marquess of Bergan)

Catherine Knollys
born 1559

Dudley Knollys
born 1562

son of Thomas Knollys and Odelia de Morada was

Sir Henry Knollys
died 1638
married to
Catharine Cornwallis

children of Sir Henry Knollys and Catharine Cornwallis were

Sir Henry knollys
died 1648

Sir Thomas Knollys
died 1679
married to
Anne Duncombe

Philadelphea Knollys
born 1619
died 1655

daughter of Sir Thomas Knollys and Anne Duncombe was

Philadelphea Knollys
born 1659 at Grove Place, Nursling, Hampshire, Christened 5 November 1659
died 1725
married about 1681 to
John Speed (Doctor)
born 1628
died 1711