Speed Family from

Downholland Lancashire, and Toxteth Park, Liverpool



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Map of Downholland                   Map of Toxteth Park


Downholland is about 10 miles north of Liverpool and about 3 miles west of Ormskirk in Lancashire
Toxteth Park is just South of Liverpool city centre.

William Speed
(my gr-gr-grand-father) born about 1800
married 11 April 1830 at Saint Peters Church, Church street, Liverpool to
Anne Tasker



Marriage of William Speed                   1841 census


William Speed rented 58 acre farm and house from Charles Scarisbrick esquire from 1830's.
The house on Mairscough lane close to Black a moor lane Downholland is still there today.
The Scarisbrick Arms Pub built in 1899 stands on the edge of what was William Speed's Farm.
The Leeds to Liverpool Canal passes here, William Speed will have made good use of the canal
to move his produce to Lancashire and Manchester, or to Liverpool and the docks.



Farm of William Speed Downholland, Lancashire (click to enlarge)


Children of William Speed and Ann Tasker were
Ann Speed
born 1831 in Cheshire
first married 22 February 1852 to
Thomas Davies (or Davis)
Ann Speed next married 6 May 1867 at All Saints Liverpool to
James Ashcroft

Ann Davis (Speed) James Ashcroft marriage

Dorothy Speed
born 9 December 1833 Downholland Lancashire
married 24 December 1854 at Saint John Church in Liverpool to
James Wright
born 1829

Jane Speed
born 9 February 1835 Downholland Lancashire

Peter Speed
(my great-grand-father)
born 1 March 1837 Downholland Lancashire
died 10 July 1893 at 48 Hill street Toxteth Park, Liverpool
married 10 January 1864 at Saint Josephs Chapel, Grosvenor street, Liverpool to
Margaret McNamara
born 28 January 1840 in Burton, Wirral, Cheshire
died 6 August 1893 at 48 Hill street Toxteth Park, Liverpool
see McNamara Family

Children of Peter Speed and Margaret McNamara were
William George Speed
born 8 May 1864 Toxteth Park, Liverpool
Baptism Date, 22 May 1864 Parish, St Anthony´s
died 16 January 1941, in Liverpool
married 27 October 1888 at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Liverpool to
Margaret Flynn
born 1876
died 24 November 1937 at Smithdown road hospital Liverpool.


William Speed Baptism                                William Speed marriage


Peter Speed
born 25 March 1866 in Liverpool
Baptism Date, 4 May 1866 at Our Lady of Mount Carmel
died 1866 in Liverpool

 Peter Speed Baptism

Edward Peter Speed
born 28 Mar 1867
Baptism Date 7 Apr 1867 Our Lady of Mount Carmel
died 1868

Edward Peter Speed Baptism


Margaret Ann Speed
born 25 January 1869 Toxteth Park, Liverpool
Baptism Date, 4 Feb 1869 Our Lady of Mount Carmel
married 12 March 1893 at St Patrick Toxteh Park to
Alfonso Smorra

Margaret Ann Speed - Alfonso Smorra marriage

Ann Elizabeth Speed
born 26 Nov 1871 Toxteth Park, Liverpool
Baptism Date, 5 Dec 1871 Parish Our Lady of Mount Carmel
married 17 December 1898 at Toxteth Park Liverpool to
David Burke

Ann Elizabeth Speed Baptism

George Joseph Speed
(my grand-father)
born 22 March 1874 Toxteth Park, Liverpool
Baptism Date, 2 April 1874 Parish St Patrick 
died 1 November 1937 at 48 Thackeray street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool
first married 26 December 1899 at Saint Patrick's Chapel, Park Place, Toxteth Park Liverpool to
Mary Ann Mcquiggins
George Speed next married 1926 to
Annie Campbell (nee Cummings)
(my Grand-Mother)



George Joseph Speed Baptism                 George Speed - Mary Mcquiggins



Mary Theresa Speed
born 26 March 1876 Toxteth Park, Liverpool
Baptism Date, 1 April 1876 Parish St Patrick
died 1959 in Liverpool
married 1 June 1914 at Our Lady of Lourdes and St Bernard to

Charles Callon
born 1869 in Liverpool
died 1963 in Liverpool


Mary Theresa Speed Baptism                     Mary Theresa Speed Marriage