Speed Family from

Overton, Flintshire, north Wales and Huyton, Lancashire England



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22 Queensland street

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22 Queensland street


Overton is a Town in the County of Flintshire in North Wales, about 9 miles south of Farndon Cheshire England.
Huyton is a Town 6 miles east of Liverpool in North West England.
Huyton was founded by the Angles in the sixth century and was in the county of Lancashire before 1974 but is now in the County of Merseyside.
Roby was a tenth century Viking village but was absorbed into Huyton as it expanded

David Speed and Sarah had the following children -

David Speed
born 1788 Overton in the county of Flintshire, North Wales

Hugh Speed
born 1793 Overton in the county of Flintshire, North Wales
Elizabeth Rigby
Hugh Speed rented 134 acre "Brook House Farm" in Huyton Lancashire England from the Earl of Derby
Hugh is shown on 1851 census as Wholesale Butcher and farmer employing 11
Hugh is a widower at this time but his sister in law is shown as Jane Rigby, the register of Saint Peters Church in Liverpool shows
Sarah Rigby Speed
christened 10 January 1825 to Hugh Speed and Elizabeth Speed, but there do's not seem to be any children other than Sarah

Edward Speed
born 1797 Overton in the county of Flintshire, North Wales
buried 9 September 1866 at Saint Bartholomew's Church Roby Huyton Lancashire England
married 13 December 1826 at All Saint's Church Runcorn Cheshire England to
Harriet Prescott
born 1806 Runcorn Cheshire England
buried 29 January 1875 at Saint Bartholomew's Church Roby Huyton Lancashire England
Edward Speed rented 190 acre "Woolfall Hall Farm" from the Earl of Derby.
Edward and Harriet had only one son, but had many grandchildren, and some decedents could still live in Huyton to this day

Elizabeth Speed
born 1798 in Overton in the county of Flintshire, North Wales
died 1890 in Liverpool
married 15 May 1831 at Saint Peter Liverpool to
John Nevitt Hulley
born 1803 in Frodsham in the county of Cheshire
died 1840 in Manchester

Esther Speed
born 1803 Overton in the county of Flintshire, North Wales

Edward Speed and Harriet Prescot had one son -

Thomas Speed
born 1830 in Liverpool Lancashire England
baptised 19 January 1830 at Liverpool St Mary
died 1885 in Liverpool
married 1851 in Liverpool -
Elizabeth Ann Whitley
born 1829 in Ealing Middlesex (London) England
died 1903 in Liverpool

son of John Nevitt Hulley and Elizabeth Speed was

John Hulley
born 1832 in Liverpool
died 1875 in Liverpool
married 1869 in Liverpool to
Georgiana Bolton
John Hulley was chairman of The National Olympian Association

children of Thomas Speed and Elizabeth Ann Whitley were -

Harriet Speed
born 1853 Huyton Lancashire England
married 1875 at Sait Michael Church, Huyton to
Henry Threlfall Jackson
born 1847 in Lancaster

Edward Speed
born 1856 Huyton Lancashire England
married 1905 at Roby, St. Bartholomew to
Alice Ann Hale
born 9 December 1858 in Childwall
Baptism 9 January 1859 at St Peter Liverpool

Elizabeth Ann Speed
born 1858 Huyton Lancashire England

Thomas Prescot Speed
born 1860 in Huyton
died 1924
married 1893 in Liverpool to
Minnie Robinson
born 1868
died 1940 in south Liverpool
Thomas was a Butcher and meat salesman,
his middle name was taken from his grand-mother's maiden name "Prescot"

22 Queensland street Liverpool
56 Freehold street, Fairfield, Liverpool

Susan Speed
born 1863 Huyton Lancashire England

Hugh Speed
born 1865 Huyton Lancashire England

John Henry Speed
born 1868 in Huyton
died 1924 in Birkenhead
married 1903 Edge Hill, Christ Church Liverpool to
Catherine Parry
born 1865 in Birkenhead

children of Harriet Speed and Henry Threlfall Jackson were -

Stephen H Jackson
born 1877 in Lancashire

Catherine M Jackson
born 1860 in Wanstead Essex

children of Thomas Prescot Speed and Minnie Robinson were -

Thomas Henry Speed
25 October 1895 in Liverpool
baptised 8 December 1895 at Christ Church Kensington Liverpool
married to
Lily Maud Speed (maiden name unknown)

Edward George Speed
27 December 1896 in Liverpool
baptised 6 February 1897 at Christ Church Kensington Liverpool
died 27 May 1953 at 28 Southway, Wavertree, Liverpool
Edward left effects to the value of 2350

son of John Henry Speed and Catherine Parry was -

Alan Prescott Speed
born 9 February 1908 in Birkenhead
died 1982 in Liverpool
married 1935 at St.James Liverpool to
Edith Shaw

children of Thomas Henry Speed and Lily Maud Speed were -

Norman Richard Prescot Speed
born 16 October 1926
died 2000 in Bristol

Dorothy Elizabeth Maud Speed
born 1929

Colin E Speed
born 1930 in Liverpool

children of Alan Prescott Speed and Edith Shaw -

Gillan Speed
born 1938 in Liverpool

Rodney H Speed
born 1942 in Ormskirk

1851 Liverpool census shows
William Speed occupation Butcher age 64 born Overton Flintshire

From IGI.
Elizabeth Speed christening 12 March 1794 at Overton Flintshire