Speed Family History

Andrews-Speed family





William Speed
born 1694 in Ansford Somerset
married in 1716
Elizabeth Murrow
born 1690 in Ansford
Elizabeth Murrow was the daughter of Edward Murrow and Mary Murrow

Son of William Speed and Elizabeth Murrow was

William Speed
born 1722 in Ansford Somerset
married Sarah unkown
baptized 22 Feb. 1722 in Castle Cary Somerset
died 9 June 1771 in Castle Cary

Daughter of William Speed and Sarah was

Ann Speed
baptized 22 Feb. 1751 in Castle Cary
died 21 Dec. 1820 in Castle Cary
married 25 May 1777 in Castle Cary, Somerset to
Thomas Andrews

children of Ann Speed and Thomas Andrews were

Thomas Speed-Andrews
born 1771 died 1859
This is how the Speed-Andrews or Andrews-Speed family came about
It is unclear why there are Speed-Andrews and Andrews-Speed families, but I am sure they are the same.
They all came from Castle Cary after the marriage of Ann Speed and Thomas Andrews.
Ann Speed was eldest daughter of William and Sarah Speed, and they had no surviving son.
Ann would be heiress of William Speeds estate.
It was common practice at the time for an estate to pass down the female line provided the family name was passed on also.
This could be a clause in a will, or as in the case of Lady Henrietta Speed and son "count Henry de-Viry" (Henry Speed) by
Act of Parliament or Royal licence.

John Speed-Andrews
born 1778 in Castle Cary
died 1859
first married 1803 to
Elizabeth Dornford
born 1782
died 1813
next married 1814 to
Sarah Dornford
born 1789 in Castle Cary
died 1864

children of John Andrews-Speed and Elizabeth Dornford were

John Andrews-Speed
born 1810 in Castle Cary
married 1838 to
Jane Elworthy
born 1816 Exeter, Devon
died 1897 in Lewisham

Elizabeth Andrews-Speed
born 1813 in Castle Cary

children of John Andrews-Speed and Sarah Dornford were

James Andrews-Speed
Born 1816
died 1867
(wine merchant)

Arthur Andrews-Speed
born 1819 in Castle Cary
died 21 April 1891 Lewisham London

Jane Andrews-Speed
baptized 10 Aug. 1820 in Castle Cary, Somerset

Henry Andrews-Speed
born 1825 at the village of Castle Cary in the county of Somerset
died on 4 Jan. 1900 at Lewisham, greater London
married to
Mary Jane Andrews-Speed (maiden name unkown)
born 1828 in Ireland
died on 19 Sep. 1889 at Greenwich, London

Sarah Andrews-Speed
born 1833 in Castle Cary

Children of Henry Speed and Mary Jane Andrews-Speed were

Jane Sharp Speed
born 1853 Stoke Damerel in the county Devon

Henry Andrews-Speed (Doctor)
born 1854 in Stoke Damerel in the county of Devon
died 1930 at Edmonton
first married in 1878 at Camberwell greater London to
Augusta Clara Hartley
born 1859 in Camberwell greater London
died 1907 at Barnet greater London
next married in 1915 at Islington greater London to
Ethel M E Roberts

William Speed
born 1858 in Stoke Damerel in the county of Devon

Alice Maria Jessie Speed
born 1860 in Devon

Henrietta Rose Speed
born 1861 in Plymouth in the county of Devon

Emily Maud Speed
born 1865 in Plymouth in the county Devon

Children of Henry Andrews-Speed and Augusta Clara Hartley were

Winifred Augusta Mary Speed
born 1879 in Greenwich greater London

Lester A Speed
born 1881 (daughter shown only on 1891 census)

Eva Alice Speed
born 1881 in Greenwich greater London

Henry A Speed
born 1883 in New Cross greater London

Leslie A Speed
born 1884 in New Cross greater London

Walter John Speed
born 1888

Hugh J Speed
born 1890

Robert C S Speed
born 1891 in Shoreditch greater London

Children of Doctor Henry Andrews-Speed and Ethel M E Roberts were

June E M A Speed
born 1918 at Shoreditch greater London

Ivor H Andrews-Speed
born 1921 at Shoreditch greater London
married in 1946 at Brentford to
Edith P Lister

Speed-Andrews family of Australia

Thomas Andrews-Speed
born about 1829 in Darsham, Suffolk, England
died before 1871 in Queensland, Australia
married on 16 Feb. 1854 at Saint James, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia to
Alethea Foulsham

Son of Thomas Speed-Andrews and Alethea Foulsham was

Thomas Andrews-Speed
born 1855 in New South Wales, Australia
died 1924 in Fulham, London
married 1877 at marylebone, London, England to
Eunice Read
born 1857 in Chichester, England
died 1933 in Fulham, London

Children of Thomas Andrews-Speed and Eunice Read were

Ethel Eunice Speed
born 1878 in Marylebone, London

Horace Albert Speed
born 1880 in Fulham, London
died 1881 in Fulham, London

Francis Oliver Speed
born 1883 in Fulham, London
died 1976 in Croydon, Surrey, (Francis Oliver Andrews-Speed)
married in 1916 at Croydon, Surrey to
Ivy Wallraf
born 1886 in Southwalk, London
died 1972 in Croydon Surrey (Ivy Andrews-Speed)

Children of Francis Oliver Speed and Ivy Wallraf were

Stella Andrews-Speed
born 1918 in Croydon

Graham Andrews-Speed
born 1920 in Croydon

Muriel Andrews-Speed
born 1928 in Epsom